Welcome to the Foster Carers’ Association of Tasmania

If you are a current Foster Carer, are thinking about becoming a carer or simply want to know more about foster care in Tasmania this website is designed to help you.

We all know that the best place for children and young people to live is with their own families in their own home. Unfortunately this is not always possible. This might be because of illness or family crisis or because the family is not able to provide safe care.

When a child or young person can’t stay at home, and there is no-one in their extended family or community to provide care, one of the best options is to stay with a Foster Carer in a family environment.

Every day hundreds of Tasmanian Foster Carers provide care and support and guidance to children and young people who are living away from home.

Foster Carers come from all walks of life. Carers might be single or in a relationship, they might live in the city or the suburbs or the country. Some Foster Carers have children at home, some do not. Some are involved in their community, others work fulltime or are students.

Wherever Foster Carers come from and whatever other things they are doing in their lives, Foster Carers have decided that they have enough space in their homes and their lives to be able to support a child or young person in need.

Becoming a Foster Carer

To request an information package on how to become a Foster Carer, telephone 1800 732 522.